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Verkada is a Silicon Valley based video surveillance company that was recently named in Forbes’ 2019 list of next Billion-Dollar startups. Their cutting-edge security cameras and secure cloud interface has been adopted by over 5,000 customers, including top F50 brands, in just 4 years on the market.

CS Data Services started working with Verkada when the firm had under 15 reps, helping it scale effectively to a pool of over 160 sales team members that continues to grow on a weekly basis. We work directly with the sales team, sales operations, and marketing teams to meet their data goals. 






lower cost/lead


cleaner data

Initial Challenges


Reps were building their own contact lists using Upwork contractors and other means, leading to inconsistent data, unpredictable costs, and unreliable service. Reps spent valuable time on manual data entry and cleaning their list

Sales operations 

Regular data enrichment tools such as Clearbit and ZoomInfo didn’t cover the entire database, and missing data meant territory-based lead assignment was complicated to impossible


Marketing needed a go-to data service for campaigns such as direct mailing and social media targeting

Services & Solution

Centralizing data operations through our services was pivotal to enabling more consistency in data quality, more predictable costs in obtaining data and allowing the sales representatives to focus more time on booking meetings and closing deals.

How we created value

  • Provide a list request service for reps to use (for tradeshows, school blasts, etc…)
  • Cleaning up the client database and replenishing it with clean data that is vetted
  • Providing marketing with direct mailing addresses not available from one single source
  • Handle enterprise-level requests
  • Build and maintain a network of reliable data contractors to construct quality prospect lists and enrich client data
  • Having every list reviewed by a team of professionals before it is sent
  • Offering lower data costs due to bulk pricing

Building trust with our client

CS Data Services looks forward to continuing the relationship with Verkada. 

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